Impact Fund

The Impact Fund is utilized when other capital resources are not available for entrepreneurs. This funding may help borrowers meet the requirements of private lenders for additional equity, or serve as a micro-loan for start-up or equipment needs.

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$2,500 - $250,000

Resource Provider
SBPC supports communities, leaders, and entrepreneurs to advance economic progress for ND Region 2.
Resource Type
58318, 58329, 58761, 58384, 58750, 58783, 58789, 58793, 58760, 58711, 58762, 58748, 58721, 58727, 58737, 58752, 58772, 58773, 58788, 58792, 58790, 58768, 58384, 58741, 58712, 58789, 58710, 58736, 58731, 58762, 58748, 58744, 58713, 58763, 58769, 58770, 58771, 58776, 58784, 58794, 58368, 58341, 58384, 58332, 58386, 58710, 58385, 58758, 58313, 58740, 58761, 58782, 58787, 58701, 58702, 58703, 58704, 58705, 58707, 58718, 58722, 58725, 58733, 58734, 58735, 58746, 58756, 58779, 58781, 58785
Business Acquisition, COVID-19, Debt Refinancing, Equipment, Hiring & Recruitment, Inventory, Leasehold Improvements, Other, Real Estate, Renovation to Real Estate, Research, Sales Tax, Startup, Working Capital
Agriculture, Childcare, Communications, Communities, Construction, Energy, Ethanol, Exporting, Finance, Food Service, Healthcare, High Growth, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Other, Primary Sector, Professional Services, Real Estate, Retail, Tourism, Transportation, Utilities, Value-Added
Business Stage
Existing Business, New Business
Beth Calderon

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