EDA Revolving Loan Fund (Lake Agassiz)

This program began as a grant from the Economic Development Administration in the aftermath of the 1997 flood disaster. The fund is currently available to all businesses in Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill Counties in North Dakota. Eligible entrepreneurs can access a maximum of $250,000 or one-third the total project cost, whichever amount is lower. These funds are usually subordinated to bank financing. This program is typically used to fund industrial or primary sector projects, however, retail and service sector projects are eligible.

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Maximum: $250,000

Resource Provider

Lake Agassiz Development Group

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Resource Type
58002, 58004, 58005, 58006, 58007, 58011, 58012, 58021, 58029, 58036, 58038, 58042, 58047, 58048, 58051, 58052, 58059, 58064, 58071, 58078, 58079, 58102, 58103, 58104, 58105, 58106, 58107, 58108, 58109, 58121, 58122, 58124, 58125, 58126, 58027, 58033, 58054, 58068, 58001, 58008, 58015, 58018, 58030, 58041, 58053, 58057, 58058, 58061, 58074, 58075, 58076, 58077, 58081, 58013, 58017, 58032, 58040, 58043, 58060, 58067, 58069, 58046, 58056, 58230, 58277, 58009, 58016, 58035, 58045, 58218, 58219, 58223, 58240, 58257, 58274
Business Acquisition, COVID-19, Debt Refinancing, Equipment, Hiring & Recruitment, Inventory, Leasehold Improvements, Other, Real Estate, Renovation to Real Estate, Research, Sales Tax, Startup, Working Capital
Manufacturing, Primary Sector, Professional Services, Retail
Business Stage
Existing Business, New Business
Amber Metz
(701) 235-1197

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