Storefront Improvement Program

The intent of the program is to improve property values and to encourage renovation that compliments the new look of 3rd Street. Funds will be structured as a 0% loan, payable in $100.00 monthly installments until the loan is satisfied. Applicable to businesses located in the Renaissance Zone.

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Maximum: $5,000

Resource Provider
The primary responsibility of the Cavalier County Job Development Authority is not only to create jobs and increase incomes by the process of economic development, but to create a climate conducive for development within the whole county.
Resource Type
58249, 58282, 58377, 58229, 58260, 58352, 58269, 58372, 58281, 58239, 58311, 58262, 58338, 58323, 58355, 58255
Leasehold Improvements, Renovation to Real Estate
Agriculture, Childcare, Communications, Communities, Construction, Energy, Ethanol, Exporting, Finance, Food Service, Healthcare, High Growth, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Other, Primary Sector, Professional Services, Real Estate, Retail, Tourism, Transportation, Utilities, Value-Added
Business Stage
Existing Business, New Business
Shannon Duerr
(701) 256-3475

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